How does this App work?

Users will be able to use augmented reality technology via the Elbo Application and also capture the pieces into the application via their phone camera. The pieces will be “abducted” into the app by users(downloaded), and placed in a build-your-own habitat. You will be given the ability to also control the dinosaurs in both AR and within your habitat. Your habitat can also be projected via the AR technology. Both vinyl toys and the original glass pieces will work with the AR technology and the capture feature. The vinyl toy production plays an important role in accessibility. Rather than relying on single pieces for the user to engage with the app, toy production introduces limitless accessibility. Subsequently users will be able to upload their habitat into VR (Oculus) and experience/explore their habitat and captured dinosaurs within virtual reality.

Where does the project go from here?

One of the main objectives of the project is to print/make large scale sculptures of the models, and utilize the AR/VR technology with these large scale sculptures.The ultimate culmination of this project is a fully interactive VR installation, in which mixed media, VR technology, AR technology, and glass art installation come together to create a unique experience. This experience could be compartmentalized into site specific installations, in which all of the technology is utilized (i.e. hotel/casino/airport installations)

Were existing pieces used for this project?

No, there were pieces made for this project specifically made as models for object recognition (utilized in the AR project) and for toy production. These one-of-a-kind pieces have been assigned a serial number and given a certificate of authenticity. Each original Elbo design is being created to represent past and future designs.

What is the back story?

66 million years ago aliens discovered earth and all of its dinosaur inhabitants. The aliens had already passed the meteor heading towards earth, and knew it was going to wipe out all living creatures. The aliens were so impressed by the dinosaurs, that the decided to save them, in true “Noahs Ark” fashion. The dinosaurs were abducted one by one by the aliens who searched for them. They were beamed up onto a futuristic looking ship, and placed in cage-free holding cells, surrounded by water. Water based dinosaurs were held in large holding tanks. The aliens searched for as many species as they could find before the meteor hit. When the meteor hits, all organic life (plant and animal) perish. As the Alien’s Ark (possibly named) flies away, the meteor hits. The Ark then travels via hyper speed and tears a hole in our universe to enter another (the one from which they came). When they return to their galaxy, the dinosaurs are placed in new habitats and worlds. Ones that they are both familiar and unfamiliar with.

Most notable for his  pipe work, Elbo creates all of his work by hand, using all original designs.

Elbo Glass Est. 2009 in Philadelphia, PA.


Best known for his dinosaur motif, Elbo has a diverse portfolio of original design work dating back 2009.

CoLlaborative Work

Elbo learned the majority of his techniques through traveling North America and collaborating with other pipe makers and artists in the States and around the world. 


Elbo's interest in glass design overflows from his pipe work, into wearable hand made pieces.