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City Arts Magazine 2016

"Elbo Glass is world famous: Collectors, stoners and celebrities alike scramble for his bubblers, or water pipes, priced at $10,000 each and oftentimes double or triple that. His most popular pieces are cartoonish dinosaurs with an incredible amount of delicate detail and pops of color. According to many glass artists I spoke to, his work heralds a Renaissance of low-brow aesthetic in pipes inspired by the ’70s." - AMANDA MANITACH AND MIGUEL EDWARDS


WestWord 2016

"The first day I touched glass, I knew I wanted to be using it every day for the rest of my life," ELBO says.



New York Times 2017

Several cases here of elaborate, brightly colored pipes made by Mr. Snodgrass’s spiritual descendants, while fascinating, tend toward the showy or grotesque, like a jar of green pickle-shaped pipes by Elbo, or “Smokin Sasquatch,” an intricate, smokable man-beast holding a joint of his own, by Coyle."


The New Yorker 2017

"Bienenstock came to town from Los Angeles last month, to guest-curate an exhibit, at apexart, in Tribeca, called “Outlaw Glass”"

-Nick Paumgarten 2017

"For those uninitiated with Elbo, he is to glass what Bronson is to weed: a true innovator."



Now This 2017

"I'm trying to bridge the gap between art and pipes"